Introducing IT Sonar

Understand the performance of your network from user’s perspective, detect issues before users do and reduce time to resolution.

of organizations do not know what is the response time of services across their locations

AUTOMATICALLY baseline your network and IT services

of network problems experienced & reported by users before network team was aware

AUTOMATICALLY detect issues before users do

of a network team’s time is spent on troubleshooting network problems and incidents

AUTOMATICALLY determine fault domain for issues

of enterprises are using more than 16 Network Performance, Management tools

Reduce the number of tools by focusing on the RIGHT METRICS

A more Insightful, Proactive, Effective IT Organization at a Lower Cost


ITSonar is the SaaS based, intelligent monitoring solution built specifically to help networking teams operate in the age of Cloud and IPv6. ITsonar enables IT organizations to understand the quality of services delivered from the perspective of the user, to proactively identify issues and automatically perform fault domain isolation. Easy to deploy and manage agents simulate users while machine learning is used to understand and act on the performance of the network.


The IPv6 transition is a complex, multifaceted project that touches every aspect of your IT organization, from network to applications, from management to security. We bring unparalleled experience and expertise in planning, architecting, designing and deploying IPv6 to your project to enable your organization to maximize the benefits while minimizing the risks and costs of the transition. We deliver IPv6 Forum certified IPv6 training and administer IPv6 Forum certification exams.

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Networks and SaaS based services are critical to today’s educational process. ITsonar enables schools to leverage their small IT staff to proactively and quickly handle issues without frustrating teachers and administrators.

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Good quality service delivery of cloud applications depends on multiple organizations. You cannot afford the finger pointing and time wasted by your PA on long IT calls. ITsonar provides all the parties involved the information they need to proactively identify and solve issues in order to keep your practice running.

Managed Services Providers

In order to stay competitive and grow, MSPs must adopt a cloud centric strategy. ITsonar enables MSPs to take on a Cloud broker or SaaS management provider role in existing and new accounts with minimal investments in staff and instrumentation.

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Hosting Providers

Setting the right service level expectations and delivering on them should not be modulated by surprises discovered over onboarding customers. ITsonar enables hosting providers to baseline customers before SLA development and to manage and demonstrate service quality after transition and during operations.


Cloud based service delivery often times comes with significant operational costs due to customer calling in because of perceived poor quality. ITsonar enables ISVs to proactively identify issues and their cause thus reducing operational costs and turning angry customers into reference accounts.

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Do you need help keeping an eye on the network, triaging issues and escalating them appropriately? Our services team can manage ITSonar for you.


  • "Using the ITsonar platform allows me to identify potential issues before my customers notice them. I can be well on the way to finding or implementing a solution to an issue before anyone calls. ITsonar allows me to be proactive in my network and application management, instead of reactive, saving me time, money, and improving customer satisfaction!"

    Dale D.
    Ten Ring Systems – Managed Services Provider
  • "The ITsonar platform has been instrumental in my monitoring and analysis of IP protocol performance and quality of services on the Internet. By deploying the platform globally across geographically dispersed cloud services I am able to collect traffic data from many vantage points and identify Internet infrastructure issues that negatively impact the user experience accessing web services."

    John P.
  • "As a system administrator, ITsonar made my job a lot easier! The benefits of using ITsonar in our organization are numerous. First, the setup was very easy and pretty fast. We never had a problem with the software so far but in case you do, the customer support is also great! The fact that it can also run on a small, low powered device such as Raspberry Pi makes it a great candidate for a network utility that you can rely on."

    Cristian Gradisteanu
    System Administrator
    TOT Marketing
  • "Solid product with great customer service! The graphs are detailed and reports show you exactly where the problems are located. I like how the tests are customizable and webpages can be tested for responses."

    R. Black
    System Administrator
    Worldwide Insurance
  • "Best network monitoring tool! It's fit for purpose, easy to use, cost efficient and the CS is brilliant! It needs more marketing and exposure to market, otherwise it's best in class!"

    Cristina Stancu
    Operations Manager
    Carillion PLC

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