The Secret Life of Your Business’s Internet Presence

Trust is significant ingredient in most transactions that power or sustain our businesses. We work just as hard on building our business as we are on managing the relationships supporting it. In the Internet age the image, strength, quality of the business is more and more assessed online.

For many, IT, Cloud, SDN, IOT are just acronyms far away from the core competency of the business so they simply punt the online presence issues to some other organization such as a Hosting Provider or a Managed Services Provider. Many businesses trust these other organizations to do a good job preserving their online image. Trust is healthy, “Trust but Verify” is practical.

One of our customers, a major healthcare organization is using a hosting company for its front end. Here is the profile of the response time for their site around September 20th.

Everything went wrong, from site being down for 7 hours, the site being unavailable in certain regions to the site being slow for 30 minutes. That was pretty bad for a work day. And the same happened next day too. By no measure this was expected but more importantly, the business would not have known it without third party monitoring.

The takeaway is: Trust is just as important with your IT partners as it is with all the other business partners. Trust but verify!