AWS Lack of IPv6 Support is Expensive



Dear AWS,

We love you but it really is time for you to move to native IPv6 support. Your workaround represents 15% of our infrastructure spend and that for what is otherwise and industry standard. IP is IP right?

We developed our SaaS based product ( in AWS, we run it in AWS and we are happy with you except for this one thing: Lack of native IPv6 support. We put up with the Load-balancer based translation option but it is getting darn expensive.

Lets first take off the table the question of whether we need IPv6 support or not. Yes, we do and here are a few reasons:

  • IPv6 capabilities represent one vector of differentiation for our product
  • Our customers look for IPv6 solutions
  • We find that web based apps (properly deployed and supported) offer 15% improvement of user experience. If you don’t believe us, ask Facebook, LinkedIn, Verizon, etc
  • Let us face it, this is the right thing to do

Note: I am sure you follow the IPv6 adoption numbers. For what is worth it to you, the new competitor to, Jet ( supports IPv6 from day one and it is faster over IPv6. They did it right.

We dealt with your lack of native IPv6 support because you do a lot of things well however, adding an ELB just to meet our IPv6 needs is becoming a pain, a compounding pain:

  • We lose the opportunity to take advantage of improved user experience over IPv6
  • We take the performance hit on translation
  • We add a point of failure
  • And not only it represents 15% of our infrastructure expenses but it is going up with our increasing user base.


We know you have a lot of bigger better things to focus on but this is table stakes and … as you can see, it matters. If a little blip like us on your customer radar is not an incentive, look at it in another way: This is the right thing to do for an innovative company like you, let alone being the right thing to do for the cloud market leader.


A Customer