Value Proposition for ISVs:

  • Turn angry customers into reference accounts
  • Reduce the number of incidents opened against your service
  • Reduce time to resolution and improve escalation processes
  • Provide new service offerings focused on performance and availability management

ISVs are driving significant growth with Cloud based applications that more and more businesses prefer for agility, cost and IT divestiture reasons. Nevertheless, it is a highly competitive environment where ISVs trying to balance new demands, differentiation, and ensuring zero application down-time for customers.  That’s quite the challenge when you have demanding customers, new competitors, and plans to grow. Increasing the size of your business while watching your bottom line requires modern solutions that help you improve service quality and operations.

ISV Business Challenges

  • We need to differentiate our services not just on features but also on quality
  • We do an upgrade and discover errors only the after customers complain
  • Our customers are complaining about our app being slow
  • We spend a lot on support for calls that often times have nothing to do with our application
  • We get caught in the blame game due to lack of problem origination intelligence

The ISV Business Model Requires Cloud Application Intelligence

Your business model calls for strong SLAs, delivering differentiated value, and creating long-term relationships with your customers.  For some businesses you deliver a critical application and without a clear operational framework for application intelligence, you are flying blind on the last mile of delivery.  The risk you are taking can be expensive to your brand, cost structure, value proposition, and client base.

Because you provide applications that are critical to your customers, Cloud Application Intelligence helps improve your value proposition.  Cloud Application Intelligence is not just a technology discussion.  It is of high interest to the C-Suite since it’s a business model improvement that uses technology to address your top and bottom lines.  ITsonar from Nephos6 increases your real-time intelligence 24X7 using a sophisticated and tiered network effect.

ISV CEOs and CFOs appreciate ITsonar’s ability to keep you; 1) in control of end-to-end delivery, 2) demonstrable quality, 3) strengthened customer relationship through value add services.  Your business and technical teams avoid the finger-pointing that comes when no one knows what happened to an application.  These are the financial and emotional distractions ISVs cannot afford in a competitive environment.  Keeping up is hard enough, and an automated solution is a welcome addition when it helps your customers, partners, and employees.

When you contact us, we listen to your unique ISV story, learn about your business model, and your offerings.  We can then work with you to understand how we can help you achieve the benefits of easy and affordable Cloud Application Intelligence.

Cloud-y Applications are a Problem

We live in the cloud economy, application economy, the digital economy, and the customer experience economy – all at once.  Your cloud application fits in and rides this wave of business transformation to no new models of revenue and delivery. However, all that excitement can come to a screeching halt if customers are not happy with the quality of the cloud based services being delivered. The problem is that you are not in control of the delivery path. How many resources will you waste on calls that start with: “Your application is slow!” How much staff will you have to employ to manage the long calls in which you will have to demonstrate that it was not your fault all along? The Application is at the core of your offering, you cannot afford a cloudy view, it will impact both your bottom and your top line.

ISVs With End-to-End Visibility

ISVs already know that many organizations are involved in the end-to-end delivery of their services but usually the ISV is the target of customer ire and financial penalties when things go wrong. Not knowing when things go wrong, not knowing quickly who is at fault and not having the forensic data for the customer can mean low margins, lost reputation and loss of trust.

You probably already know that your world is only going to get more complicated.  More variability in customer environments and their access providers, inconsistent service delivery by downstream stakeholders drive a need for intelligent management tools with visibility onto customer prem.  An ISV needs to operate with application transparency to manage risk beyond what goes on in the data center.  A solution like ITsonar is simple to implement, works with platforms such as ServiceNow for a complete support framework, and is affordable.

ISVs Need to Modernize Application Management on Customer Premises

ISV Challenges without ITsonarWith ITsonar, ISVs can now…
We need to improve the quality of our servicesUnderstand quality of service delivery all the way to customer premise
There is a low barrier to entry for ISV competitionHave the tools and visibility to pair offered functionality with managed quality of service
We have no application benchmarkBaseline your services in every market, every business
We need to avoid issues following the release of new versions of the applicationTest the functionality and performance of new releases before maintenance windows are closed
We get caught in the blame game due to lack of problem origination intelligenceDeliver proactive transparency to know the exact problem before customer is affected and quickly identify the cause


The greater risk for ISVs is to do nothing.  By looking at the aforementioned benefits, you can see how Cloud Application Intelligence extended all the way into customer premise is a must-have to staying competitive.  You’re probably wondering how we do this.  Just contact us and we’ll be happy to explain the non-intrusive and tiered technology we use and how it would work in your environment.

When you contact us, we listen to your unique story, learn about your business model, and your offerings.  We can then work with you to understand how we can help you achieve the benefits of easy and affordable Cloud Application Intelligence.

The User Experience Drives the ISV Service Levels Reputation

When your users are happy, everything improves. Clients will not only continue to be your customer, they become your advocates.  The opposite is true.  When you cannot identify problem origination in an application, delays are created and the UX suffers.  Also, with the right monitoring capability, your employees can remain focused on higher value activities rather than constantly be pulled into addressing issues that might not even be caused by your service.

By using ITsonar, you will be able to simulate the user experience long before the application is put into operation or before a new version of the application is released.  In other words, almost all risk is removed from software deployment prior to the actual User Experience.

UX value using ITsonar

  • UX monitoring enables proactive management of issues to avoid customer dissatisfaction and the cost of incidents not due to ISV
  • UX based troubleshooting reduces the cost of managing incidents and time to resolution
  • UX data provides service quality metrics to enable customers to understand the impact of various providers in overall service delivery
  • UX’s improvements can be measured and delivered in customer reports