Value Proposition:

The IPv6 transition is a complex, multifaceted project that touches every aspect of your IT organization, from network to applications, from management to security. We bring unparalleled experience and expertise in planning, architecting, designing and deploying IPv6 to your project to enable your organization to maximize the benefits while minimizing the risks and costs of the transition. We deliver IPv6 Forum certified IPv6 training and administer IPv6 Forum certification exams.
We provide the best ROI in the industry, guaranteed!

Our Offering

  • IPv6 Transition Strategy Professional Services
  • IPv6 Transition Planning Professional Services
  • IPv6 Architecture, Design and Deployment Professional Services
  • IPv6 Education
  • IPv6 Certification

IPv6 Transition Professional Services

IPv6 transition is a business specific value proposition. Reusing a few best practice guides and a set of generic tips would not work. At the same time, do not expect an external consultant to come in and do it all. What you really need is a guide who has the technology and process experience of driving IPv6 initiatives.

The Nephos6 was involved in developing the strategy, plan, architecture and deployment of IPv6 transitions around the world in virtually all verticals: Service Providers, Enterprises, Hosting and Cloud Providers, Governments, Product Companies. We will bring that experience to your IPv6 project.

We developed a unique, proven methodology to IPv6 transition that lead to many successful IPv6 projects. We are also using unique tools enabling us and our customers to measure, monitor and manage the IPv6 transition. The quality of the project we lead is measurable and clearly tracked.

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IPv6 Education


We developed and are delivering an IPv6 Forum Gold certified training program providing the right training to the right professional at the right time. We bring to our training not only our industry recognized expertise but also our unparalleled experience with what works best in IPv6 transitions. Our content is licensed by S&P100 organizations and our trainers are Gold certified by the IPv6 Forum.


We have a complete IPv6 training program that enables us to tailor an effective training program for every organization:

  • IPv6 Foundations – 4/5 days instructor‐led, hands‐on, lab‐heavy training class ideally suited for network and systems engineers of all skill and experience levels. Prepares engineers for IPv6 Forum Gold certification. All our ILT classes include IPv6 Forum certification testing
  • Securing IPv6 – 4 days, instructor led, IPv6 lab based course covering the basic and advanced needs IPv6 security knowledge relevant to IT security architects, security engineers, and network & system engineers
  • IPv6 For Decision Makers – ½-1 day class covers, from a business and strategic perspective, the opportunities presented by the IPv6 adoption
  • eLearning – Standardized content customized from ILT, best practice 8-15 minutes segment, frequent knowledge checks, interactive material using variety of learning tools to help maintain interest

We combine these various delivery options to develop the best training programs for your IT organization. We delivered full training programs to organizations around the world from HP to the Department of Defense, from Accenture to the Government of Malaysia.

Access our eLearning content here: https://nephos6.inquisiqr4.com/default.asp

IPv6 Certification

Nephos6 is one of the few organizations in the world authorized by the IPv6 Forum to administer and award IPv6 Forum Silver and Gold certification.
Access our IPv6 certification registration portal: https://www.mytestcom.net/app/myTestcom.cfm?accountLogin=nephos6123

Let us help your team prepare for and effectively deliver your IPv6 transition. Contact us for your IPv6 training plan: [email protected]