nephos6Why Cloud?

Agility. Cost effective scalability. Flexibility. Mobility. Innovation. Acceleration. IT departments are asked to do more, with less, faster - and cloud computing is the platform that enables them to operate as a services organization. Cloud however is an overloaded term with often misunderstood benefits and challenges. There are no out of the box, proven Cloud solutions. With a vendor independent and experience proven perspective, Nephos6 can help you successfully define and implement the right Cloud strategy for your business. Our  Cloud Service include :

  • Cloud Assessment, Business Case and Strategy
  • Cloud Security Architecture Development and Implementation  
  • Design and Implementation of Hybrid Clouds and Virtual Private Cloud across Cloud Service Providers like Amazon, RackSpace and Softlayer.
  • Service Continuity (HA/DR) Architecture Development and Implementation
  • Cloud Service Management and Orchestration Solution
  • IPv6 Ready Cloud Solutions to future proof solutions
  • Cloud Test Engineering which enables us to provide performance testing of application workloads on various Cloud Providers.

Nephos6 developed the Cloud strategy for a large, multinational enterprise and Forester's review of our work declared it: "Ahead of most enterprise cloud strategies in the industry". We deliver the right solution for every customer.