Enterprise IT Operations Optimization

Enterprises today, more than ever before are in constant transformation. Business models change, processes are optimized and new markets are created. This transformation is driven and fueled by IT technologies. Enterprise IT has become a strategic enabler for the business. Under a constant deluge of new technologies, significant technology inflexion points such as IoT, Mobility,[…]

IPv6 Issues Happen

“You cannot manage what you cannot measure” the saying and the practical experience go. So you enabled IPv6. Great! State that to the World and you better have a poncho on because the Gatorade will drench you. We in the IPv6 space got so little validation over time that we are happy when someone utters[…]

Good IPv6 User Experience!

Paul Saab of Facebook said it well at CES.   In fact he nailed it. Drumming up adoption and padding our own shoulders for another country getting above 10% adoption is no longer the top priority. Making sure adoption is paired with implementation quality is essential. Good user experience for IPv6 enabled services is not[…]