Enterprise IT Operations Optimization

Enterprises today, more than ever before are in constant transformation. Business models change, processes are optimized and new markets are created. This transformation is driven and fueled by IT technologies. Enterprise IT has become a strategic enabler for the business. Under a constant deluge of new technologies, significant technology inflexion points such as IoT, Mobility,[…]

Affordable Care Act and IPv6 – A tale of two protocols

Probably you are not surprised by the title of this blog associating the Affordable Care Act with technology, it would not be the first time this happens. The technological challenges faced by the healthcare.gov site at its launch were heavily publicized. In fact that event was the reason we started monitoring the site on an[…]

iOS9 and IPv6

You are a mobile app developer or your business uses a mobile app, right? I know this is not news to you … or at least it should not be but here it goes anyway: http://www.internetsociety.org/deploy360/blog/2015/06/apple-will-require-ipv6-support-for-all-ios-9-apps/ In Apple’s words: ““Because IPv6 support is so critical to ensuring your applications work across the world for every[…]

Why do some lose RIPE stars?

RIPE does a good job preparing the community for IPv6 and a particularly good job of analyzing the IPv6 adoption stats in its region. This type of analysis is particularly useful in understanding what works and what doesn’t work for various organizations. This is important considering the tenuous path of IPv6 adoption. In driving adoption,[…]