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    NEPHOS6 Academy Program Guide

The Nephos6 IT Academy Program is an important component of Nephos6 education programs. The academic institutions that agree to participate in the Nephos6 IT Academy Program fulfill an important role in providing IPv6 and Cloud education worldwide. These academic institutions operate as business alliances of Nephos6 with an objective of delivering educational services to their students at high quality standards.

The Nephos6 IT Academy Program is designed to introduce students to IPv6 and Cloud technologies and equip them with technical skills that compliment their chosen fields of study. Nephos6 will provide selected academic institutions with course materials developed by Nephos6 for this purpose. By instituting this program, Nephos6 seeks to create a collaborative relationship with academic institutions whereby their students may obtain the IPv6 Forum Silver and Gold certified engineer status and other Nephos6 certifications.

Program Details


  • Accredited, degree-granting higher education institutions worldwide offering 2- or 4- year college programs are eligible to participate in the program
  • Technical schools offering accredited degrees through distance education programs are also eligible to participate in the program

Program Goals

The Nephos6 IT Academy Program has been developed to introduce students to IPv6 and Cloud technologies. It enhances students' experiences by providing students access to:

  • The latest IPv6 and Cloud knowledge
  • High quality curriculum
  • Course paths that lead to certification
  • Courses that can be integrated into degree programs
  • Web course access with content that supports the faculty led learning environment

The Nephos6 IT Academy Program provides faculty with services and tools to support delivering a quality learning experience for students by providing faculty with:

  • Access to web based courses for use in class preparation and class presentation.
  • Access to a secure web site with course set-up guides and lab files.
  • Authorization to purchase course materials directly from Nephos6.
  • Authorization to access testing resources and material developed by Nephos6.
  • Authorization to administer Nephos6 certifications.

Value Proposition


Access to high quality educational content on new leading technologies, certification potential and providing experience with IPv6 and Cloud technologies.


Introduction to a new generation of technology experts and users. Enables students to learn about Nephos6 and opportunities to use IPv6 and Cloud.

IPv6 Forum

Increase awareness of the IPv6 Forum, its community of experts and the services offered in support of IPv6 adoption.


Receive support from Nephos6 and other institutions to enable inclusion of IPv6 and Cloud technologies in their curricula, providing routes to Nephos6 certifications.

Financial Overview

Each Nephos6 Academic Institution (N6AI) is responsible for registering and invoicing students, and for acquiring Training Materials and Testing Resources from Nephos6.


Instructor-led Training

Schools can apply to deliver Nephos6 courses using their own instructors to create a learning experience with extensive hands-on lab exercises and state-of-the-art training material using Nephos6 provided courseware and lab materials. Nephos6's instructor-led courses available with this entitlement include:

  • IPv6 Foundations
  • Securing IPv6

Courses are constantly updated and added to the above list.

Schools interested in instructor-led training should download and read the Nephos6 Academy Program Guide and appropriate Academy Agreement.


Schools can apply to manage Nephos6 certification exams using their own instructors and the Nephos6 on-line facilities:

  • Silver IPv6 Forum engineer certification
  • Gold IPv6 Forum engineercertification

Certifications are constantly updated and added to the above list.

Getting Started

Application Process Overview

When evaluating a candidate for participation in the Nephos6 IT Academy Program, Nephos6 seeks established,independent, accredited teaching organization with good facilities and experienced technical trainers.

Nephos6 reserves the right to accept or deny any application based on Nephos6's needs and its strategic direction.

Selection Criteria

Nephos6 analyzes potential N6AI candidates according to specific criteria, including:

  • Accredited, degree-granting higher education institutions worldwide offering 2- or 4- year college programs and in some cases high schools are eligible to participate in the program
  • Technical schools offering accredited degrees through distance education programs are also eligible to participate in the program
  • Institutions that agree to only offer Nephos6 training according to an academic calendar using Nephos6 IT Academy Instructors
  • Institutions with at least one Nephos6 certified IPv6 Trainer
  • Institutions with at least one IPv6 Forum Gold Certified engineer can apply to become certification centers
  • Institutions must complete, sign and return the Nephos6 Academy Agreement before their application will be considered.

Course Curriculum


Each Nephos6 Academic Institution (N6AI) is authorized to teach Authorized Courses selected by Nephos6 from the portfolio of courses developed by Nephos6, as notified to the N6AI by Nephos6 from time to time. To teach an Authorized Course, the N6AI may only use instructors certified by Nephos6 in the content area and must have the necessary equipment located in (or accessible from) the classroom in which the Authorized Course will be taught. Nephos6 will inform the N6AI of the particular equipment that is necessary for each Authorized Course. For a full overview of the course curriculum please read the Nephos6 IT Academy Program Guide Curriculum

Nephos6 will determine the Nephos6 courses available to the N6AI. The Authorized Courses that the N6AI may offer, as such may be modified by Nephos6 at its discretion from time to time.


Curriculum Updates

Nephos6 reserves the right at its sole discretion and without incurring any liability to modify training materials or discontinue their development, distribution, or support. As industry knowledge is updated, Training Materials may be changed to match the new environment. Nephos6 will make updated Training Materials available to the N6AI.

Course Descriptions

Full descriptions of Nephos6 courses can be found in the Nephos6 Public Education Services Catalogue.

How to Enroll

Application Process Overview

Application Steps

Once an academic institution is recognized by Nephos6 as a potential N6AI,the approval process includes the following steps:

  1. The academic institution submits a registration. The registration also serves as the legal agreement between Nephos6 and the N6AI for use of the instructor led and web based training.
  2. Nephos6 reviews the application and approves or rejects it. If approved, the N6AI is scheduled for addition to the Nephos6 IT Academy program and a welcome email containing a welcome letter and introduction to Nephos6 education services. If rejected the a rejection email is prepared and sent by the program administrator.

Registration Form and Instructor Led Agreements

Each N6AI candidate must submit a completed registration form to N6AI using the Nephos6 IT Academy Registration Form.


East Carolina University

“I am extremely excited about our collaboration with Nephos6, an industry leader in IPv6, which enables us to offer world class IPv6 curriculum and lab content in our BS in Information and Computer Technology degree program. Together with Nephos6 we are preparing our students for success in tomorrow’s fast paced information technology global job market. In addition to strengthening our curriculum, and making our students more employable, our partnership has given faculty the opportunity to build professional relationships within the industry and to keep pace with current technology advancements. – John Pickard”

Murray State University