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Nephos6 meets your organization's needs for targeted, easy-to-comprehend IPv6 education and technical training. Our team has been specializing in distilling highly technical IPv6 content for executive enrichment, while simultaneously providing rich, experience oriented training for your IT teams for a decade. Developed and delivered by a team of experienced educators and practicing IPv6 technical experts, the Nephos6 IPv6 training program provides access to instructional content designed to not only educate, but also start the foundational experiences necessary for organizations to support and operate IPv6-enabled environments.

Nephos6 offers complete training and content development capability, including instructional design, materials development, course administrative materials, and will provide delivery in a variety of formats, including webinars, e-learning, and computer based training formats.

Our primary delivery model for technical courses is hands-on, instructor led courses delivered onsite at a customer's premise, or a location of the customer's choosing. Utilizing a rolling lab, and courseware developed and owned by Nephos6, clients are assured of a quality, up-to-date program, delivered by professional instructors with practical deployment experience, at a location that minimizes employee travel, and that maximizes training dollar spend.

Our courses, trainers and engineers are IPv6 Forum Gold Certified.


If you are interested in becoming a Certified IPv6 engineer or trainer, contact us.

Our current course offerings include:

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IPv6 for Decision Makers

This one-day seminar is designed to help participants understand the technological, operational and business opportunities created by IPv6 adoption and the risks posed by the transition to the next generation of the Internet Protocol. IPv6 for Decision Makers provides an overview of IPv6 adoption and drivers worldwide, overview of the protocol, its deployment and the path to planning.

Course discussions analyze the impact IPv6 will have on the competitiveness of your business, on the IT investments being made and the security stance of your infrastructure. IPv6 represents an inflexion point for businesses regardless of market, size or focus, an inflexion point that has the potential to significantly impact the organization.

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IPv6 Foundations

A hands-on, four-day course providing IT engineers and administrators and introduction to IPv6 and its impacts to IT systems and services, such as DNS, DHCP, routing, security, and a variety of other network capabilities. Also covered are the various transition mechanism and how they are commonly used to facilitate organizational adoption of IPv6.

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Securing IPv6

When it comes to IPv6, one of the more contentious issues is one of security. Uninformed analysts, vendors hawking IPv6 security products, and security ne're-do-wells have created a mythos that IPv6 is inherently less secure than IPv4. The facts are that IPv6 is no less, or more, secure than its predecessor. It's all about implementation.

The four-day Securing IPv6 course is focused on providing security architects and administrators with a wealth of practical information on the security impacts of IPv6 integration. Following an implementation oriented format of topic introduction, known security issues, and mitigation practices, this course delivers a practical and reasonable approach to IPv6 adoption and IT security.

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IPv6 eLearning

Maybe you cannot afford to spend several hours in a row in a classroom or maybe instructor led training is not your optimal way of gathering knowledge. Nephos6 developed a high-quality eLearning program based on the content of its IPv6 Forum Gold certified and industry recognized IPv6 training.

Developed in 15 minutes segments where clearly described concepts are interleaved with knowledge checks, this content was built for optimal on-line learning. Whether you want to learn about IPv6 at your own pace, you want to review topics learned in class or simply want to prepare for your IPv6 Forum certification, Nephos6 eLearning enables you to become an IPv6 professional. From large IT vendors to enterprises and service providers, Nephos6 eLearning is now used as a key component of an effective IPv6 education strategy.


Nephos6 is partnering with higher education institutions to train and certify the next generation of IPv6 and Cloud experts.

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Nephos6 Academy

The Nephos6 IT Academy Program is an important component of Nephos6 education programs. The academic institutions that agree to participate in the Nephos6 IT Academy Program fulfill an important role in providing IPv6 and Cloud education worldwide. These academic institutions operate as business alliances of Nephos6 with an objective of delivering educational services to their students at high quality standards.