OpenStack Havana and IPv6

OpenStack Havana (8th release) is available on October 17 with 400+ new features. However, it brought very little excitement for IPv6 fans: users still cannot launch IPv6-based VMs. After running out of patience, we immersed ourselves in the lab for several weeks and achieved the following goals: All OpenStack infrastructure nodes communicated with each other[…]

Thoughts from ShmooconIX (2013)

(Image presumably (c) Shmoo group) First off, I want to thank all of the organizers and speakers – everything went great, even including IPv6 connectivity for most of the event and only one broken chandelier (that I know of, anyway). Background: For those who don’t know, Shmoocon is a ~3 day security conference (Friday-Sunday) mostly[…]

Call to Arms!

The most common challenge I see out there with respect to IPv6 transition is the perception that this is just another 6 months long network upgrade or network feature enablement. It is NOT. This is not your usual project and it is not just another fire you can put out with a bucket of sweat.[…]