Nephos6 Helps Define the IPv6 Forum Security Certification Standards

Excerpt from the IPv6 Forum Press Release:

The IPv6 Forum Launches the IPv6 Education Security Certification Logo Program Accelerating adoption and integration of IPv6 in the Education Curriculum Worldwide


PENANG, MALAYSIA – SAN JOSE, USA – LUXEMBOURG,  May 25, 2012 – The IPv6 Forum Education Logo Program Committee releases a new program: The IPv6 Education Security Certification Logo Program. This program will certify Security Courses, Trainers and Engineers with the Gold Logo level.

In order to be certified, the candidates must cover all mandatory topics outlined in section 3.5 in the requirements specifications document (attached). Only the Gold level of certification is provided by the IPv6 Forum Certified Security program.

“The IPv6 security & privacy are going to be implemented again as an after-thought similar to IPv4 simply due to lack of in-depth knowledge in this area. The IPv6 Forum Security Certification Logo program formalizes a concrete curriculum for everyone to benefit from.” states Latif Ladid, President, IPv6 Forum, Senior Researcher at University of Luxembourg, Security and Trust (SnT) Center.

“Security is top of mind for any decision maker facing the two major inflexion points ahead IT organizations Worldwide: IPv6 transition and Cloud adoption. The IPv6 Forum leverages its global network of IPv6 SMEs to define the educational and expertise standards that will provide the industry with the proven talent needed to successfully tackle the security challenges and opportunities presented by the IPv6 transition.” states Ciprian Popoviciu, CEO, Nephos6. Certified IPv6 Forum Trainer (Gold)

To obtain the IPv6 Security Certification Logo, please visit the following web site andapply by filling out the application form


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