An example of “trying and failing” to really do IPv6 …

One of the most common complaints an organization has when trying to move forward with an IPv6 deployment is “lack of vendor support”.  Whether that means your ISP cannot get you the connectivity you need (cough DISA FAIL cough) or that means criticial components of your infrastructre just can’t do it (yet?) – in either type of scneario, this is clearly suboptimal.

Another problem we run into is vendors that say they “do IPv6″, and even seem to live up to that, at first glance.  Only when a deployment commences do you then find out some “little things” that aren’t quite right …

Case in point: F5′s Big-IP Load Balancers.
These devices are fairly popular and claim pretty strong IPv6 capabilities.  And we can configure the virtual IPs (IPv4 and IPv6) that will be the public-facing side of a service being offered – nice, right?

However, these devices don’t do a couple things that we expected … 
* The “virtual inside address” – a Link Local IPv6 address that nodes will use as a default gateway – isn’t used properly.  The Big-IP’s source the Router Advertisements from the “physical Link Local Address”, not the virtual one.  FAIL!
* Additionally, the current version of code does not support managing the device over IPv6.  Even the newer version of code supports IPv4 *or* IPv6 for management, but not both concurrently.  LAME!

(In both cases, we are working with the vendor to try to mitigate this … do you have any similar stories to share?  Send them along!)
Just some quick thoughts on the types of things you need to think through as you deploy IPv6 in your network … I mean, you are (at the very least) starting this process aren’t you??

PS – for reference:
… feel free to dorp by there and let them know how important these items are for you :) .

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