Call to Arms!

The most common challenge I see out there with respect to IPv6 transition is the perception that this is just another 6 months long network upgrade or network feature enablement. It is NOT. This is not your usual project and it is not just another fire you can put out with a bucket of sweat. Well … at least that is true if you want to do it right. Look, it is not that the technology is super hard, it is simply a very wide scope project that touches every aspect of the IT environment. So the network team will finally have to play nice with the compute, storage and apps teams. And might as well because they need to practice for the brave new age of the Cloud.

Those of you who are well acquainted with the World of IPv6 are likely nodding your heads in silent approval. For how many years have we been trying to drive this message and push this education? Since we are not the “I told you so” kind of people, we keep trying to find a way to convey the message. So we, at Nephos6 decided to try something else. We wrote books, we wrote RFCs but that doesn’t seem to catch on as fast as we hoped. So … ¬†we decided to go for the funny bone with help from our friends at Three Post.

This is not for the converted few, this is for the World.

My call to arms: Calling on those who passionately believe in IPv6 to help us spread the message. Help us fine tune the right message and get people to understand that they don’t need to spend a fortune on IPv6, they just need to take it serious.

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