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Cloud Services Monitoring

Evaluate, baseline and monitor cloud based services based on user experience.

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IPv6 Enabled OpenStack

Scale up your OpenStack deployment by leveraging the functionality and scale of IPv6.

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About Us

We are THE Cloud and IPv6 company

We deployed World's first IPv6 enabled OpenStack cloud.

We architected and deployed some of the largest IPv6 infrastructures in the World.

We successfully transitioned IT organizations to service orientation.

And we put all that experience and expertise into our vision for how services should be monitored and measured, into our platform: v6Sonar.

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  • Why choose us?

    Customer Focus, Unparalleled Skills Set and Extensive Experience in Making IT Work.

  • Our Approach

    It is all about User Experience. Focus on the IT Service first and on the enabling technologies second.

  • Our Community

    We believe in collaboration. Join to learn, join to contribute.

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We share with the community our expertise and experience

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We are dedicated to our customer’s success.